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Default Please help... Unrelenting Potty Issues

Hi everyone -

Let me give a bit of background. Chloe, our yorkshire terrier, is a little over a year old. She is a fantastic dog and listens extremely well... short of one area, and that is going potty. We initially tried crate training and it did not work. She would still consistently have accidents. We are now trying the dog door, and this is where it gets bizarre... she will use it at will when we are home. She'll go in and out all day on her own and pee and poop; however, if we are either asleep or not home, she will literally poop or pee inches from the doggie door.

We've tried to make an enclosure that points her right to the doggie door, but rather than use it, she would rather poop in her bed.

It can't be that she is scared to go out at night, because she'll do this during the day. It can't be that she doesn't know she can go through to go potty, because she does so when we are home. At this point we feel hopeless. I've owned lots of cats and dogs and have never had this kind of an issue. Any help is MUCH appreciated.

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Hello Baylorguy,

Me and my wife have the same problem, Bently (our Yorkie) is really good at listening and playful and he barely barks. But when it comes to potty he can't get it right. We try to let him go outside as much as possible, but he doesn't do anything outside then he comes back in the house and he do his business in the house. I don't get it, if you have more info please feel free to share it with us.

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I have had this problem with both of my new additions. I have a 2 year old Yorkie and a 9 month old German Shepherd. They both had troubles with potty training. My shepherd would potty outside all day but as soon as we left or went to bed she would poop in our laundry room EVERY NIGHT. They both got over it after constantly showing them outside and rewarding good behavior. Also, make sure you get rid of the smell where she poops or pees. Try vinegar or bleach for tile or hard surfaces. I poor pure vinegar on any spots and carpet and then vacuum it up. It may take some more time before she gets it. A lot of dogs will act out if you aren't around. My shepherd used to get really destructive when my boyfriend left to work or school. She ate a mattress even!
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my yorkie is awesome he never goes out to pee or poop trained him to go on a potty patch you can buy it at any pet shop its fantastic or should i say he is u pick the poop up flush it down the toilet i wash the tray every 3 days you have to start when there young if a cat can go in a litter box why cant a dog works great Hope this helps
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Default potty training

My yorkie has been using weepads since I got her after 6weeks old. She is now 6yrs old. She is mainly a house dog. However, on nice days, I take her outside and I don't allow her to walk or play in grass
When in the house, I just tell her to get in cage and she goes on the wee pad. She does so on her own. Yes, when I'm at work she is out all day and she goes on her weepad.
Have you ever tried them?
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My Bella has been crate trained using the Puppy Apt. which is a crate with a divider with a sleeping area. Bella utilizes the louve for urination when free to roam the house, but she refuses to return to her apt. to perform number 2. This is very frustrating since it has prevented us from removing the doors of the crate to allow her to run free.
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Question used to be trained but...

hey everyone,
I might be a little late since I joined the site yesterday.
my situation with my little cheri is a little funny.
when ı first got her, she even used to wake me up during night to pee because she was so tiny and was afraid to jump and go around(4months old). even when we drove around she used to let me know and ı would put newspaper on the seat and then she peed.
but these days(now 6 months old) even if ı realize and take her to newspapers, she doesn't and prefers to walk around and then pee or poop elsewhere.
anyone got an idea why? I'd like to hear thoughts and suggestions.
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